special events sign up policy
Many of GU Special Events can only take a limited number of participants.  In order to make it fair to all and accommodate as many as possible we need to enforce our policies for Special Events.


If an event (such as camps) requires a card or form filled
out—you must bring that in to the office and you cannot register over the phone.

If the event is simply one where you sign up to participate in our special events book, you may sign up at the front desk or call our office to sign up. You may not sign up with a note that you’ll “pay later”. 
If you are calling to sign up for an event, you need to have a credit card ready for us to process in order to pay for your spot.  Once you have signed up for the special event, we expect you to attend as we staff the event accordingly.

Some activities, such as camps have NON REFUNDABLE deposits. Others (such as Days at GU and Nights Out)
allow you to cancel your participation. HOWEVER you will receive a credit to your account ONLY if you cancel by the CANCELLATION DATE listed on the Event Sheet in our book.
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