MSO Nominee "Gymnast of the Year" - 2018

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Liam Madsen, Age: 14 - - - USAG Athlete #: 954541

What do you do when you find yourself the parent of a gifted athlete? You do anything you can to help your child follow the path he is on of course…

My son Liam is a talented gymnast and I am proud to announce he has been nominated for the Meet Scores Online 2018 Gymnast of the Year. He's been on amazing journey and this page tells a bit of his story.

The club Liam belonged to just lost both primary (Liam's coach since he began gymnastics) and secondary coaches. A brand new coach was hired who is experienced with younger gymnasts (Levels 1 - 7) but not the advanced boys (Liam is Level 9). In the wake of this disruption, and with Liam’s ability, we decided to seek a club that could continue Liam's training and provide a team environment that would be a good fit. We found an amazing “elite” club – great facility & coaching staff (who also knew of Liam because of his 2018 post-season) – that is ideal.

Liam loves gymnastics and his progress has been astounding. His natural ability plus his desire to train and compete make moving to this elite club the absolute best thing that could happen for him. If Liam can continue on the path he is on, with this proper training, he could become a world-class gymnast.

Vote for Liam! His story & videos are here:

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